6-Day Holiday (Anti) Diet Detox!



It's time for a twist on the typical diet detox!  Join me for this LIVE event! For 6 days we will strategically target stubborn diet rules, eliminate built up toxins from harmful dieting mentality and set the foundation for food peace this holiday season!


You need this detox

if you are tired of dieting!

  • Faith Focused Strategies to heal your food & body relationship

  • Speak confidently so you can conquer negative thinking.

  • Learn the importance of focusing on health, not weight.

Join the 


Our exclusive 6-Day (anti) Diet Detox will start October 14!  Be sure to sign up to join the group, get email reminders and to receive your workbook!  See you there!

Detox Your Diet Mentality

so you can have more time & energy to enjoy this holiday season!

Hi Sister!  I'm Kelley Raetzsch, the Warrior Dietitian.  I fight with you and for you to be free of food, body & weight obsession so you can experience the promise of a full and abundant life. (John 10:10)


Because I know that you are likely experiencing a negative relationship with food, your body and the scale, I have created this simple yet powerful Four Step guide to encourage your break up with the scale.  

  • Daily Videos in Our Group

    Get your Detox Tip Daily in our group and make a committment 

  • Access Your Workbook

    Uplevel your detox by accessing your power packed workbook.  Here, you will have your detox at your hands with journal prompts to dive deep into your detox experience.

  • Jumpstart Peace With Food

    The holidays are often a difficult time when it comes to food.  This is no time to think about yet another diet. Start your holiday season on a pathway to confidence & freedom as you ditch diet mentality.

  • Say Yes! To Your Favorite Foods

    Enjoy all your holiday favorites without guilt while feeling energized and at your best! 

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